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Why Every Business Needs a Blog (No Matter Who Writes It)

Why Every Business Needs a Blog (No Matter Who Writes it)

So, if blogging is considered a critical aspect of every marketing strategy, why isn't every business blogging? Studies indicate that quality content, published consistently, reliably drives traffic to websites, and once there, converts that traffic into leads and customers. Companies with 16+ blog posts per month experience 3.5 times as much traffic as those that publish less or not at all; small businesses with blogs get 126% more growth than those that don't have one. So, again, why do people who are so passionate and informed about their work not tell the world about it through a consistent and reliable post?

If not, why not?

For every non-blogger, there's a unique reason not to blog, but most people share a few common misconceptions about blogging that put them off about the blogging process. If you are not yet blogging about your business, ask yourself if the reason for that might be on this list:

  • You're too busy. This is a totally legitimate reason; you're putting your attention into the business where it belongs.

  • You concerned that blogging won't make a difference. This concern is unfounded. Marketers who use blogging are 13 times more likely than those who don't to see a positive return on the investment. Six of ten shoppers make a purchase because of a blogged recommendation.

  • You believe everyone who needs to know about you does know about you. Again, this is not an accurate reflection of how business is done in today's uber-competitive global market. Remarkably, even the best products and services can fail if:

              1. No one knows they're available, and

              2. There's a convenient alternative that's better known or at least better advertised. (Note: there's always a                       convenient alternative.)

In fact, posting your blog consistently is the best way to drive traffic to your website and to

convert visitors to customers.

It doesn’t need to be you …

In my opinion, however, there's an even more ubiquitous reason why people don't blog: writing just isn't their thing. Yes, they are busy; yes, they do have "more important" things to do - all true. But, in many cases, they just don't have the writing/spelling/grammar capacities to create an articulate, well informed and entertaining piece of prose that accurately and enticingly shares with the world the beauty of their product or service.

But not being a writer is also okay. Although I write about many topics and have confidence that I know what I'm writing about, I am not an expert on my client's business. My clients do what they do to ensure their enterprise survives and thrives because that's what they do best. They hire me to spread the word about their good work because that's what I do best. Together, we provide both the foundation and amplification of the business, so it can achieve all of its goals through high-quality effort on both our parts.

Outsourcing your blog makes sense

So here's what I've learned about why companies that don't blog should blog, even if it means hiring a writer to do it for them:

1. Keeping their focus on their business is always their best course of action.

2. Blogging is one of the best ways they can elevate the status of their enterprise in the eyes and

opinions of their target market.

3. Outsourcing the blogging operation to a professional writer and supplying her with excellent

resources gives clients control over their messaging, even if they're not writing the message themselves.

4. With appropriate resources and research, the right writer can create exactly the message the

client wants at an affordable price. The client gains both the blog and a reliable asset

with which to reach out to their preferred market. It’s a win/win all around.

Considering the value offered by reliable, quality blog posts, every business should have one. If you can't or don't want to write it yourself, I'm here to help. Email me.