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                 Your thoughts in my hands ....

I've been a lawyer for more than 25 years, so I've advocated for many, many people and quite a few causes. The population about which I am most passionate are teens in foster care. I also have a soft spot for developmentally disabled adults and the mentally ill - in short, I'm always supportive of the underdog. 

Here, you'll find documents I created in my role as the director of organizations that advocated for children in foster care and provided support for adults with developmental disabilities. In my position as director, I wrote training materials for the volunteers whom I oversaw, best practice standards DD staff, and even legislative materials to improve the legal protections for these most vulnerable groups of people.

Please check back from time to time to see new documents that I'll be adding.

Advocacy Strategies - that I accomplished for children in foster care

Legislative Proposal - to improve state-wide services for children in foster care