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                 Your thoughts in my hands ....

Welcome! Thanks for coming. I appreciate your interest in my work.

As a creative person, I spend much of my time crafting things. I enjoy the design, engineering and construction stages of a project as much as I enjoy its final iteration. That’s true no matter what the project entails, whether it be the installation of the firepot room in my backyard, describing the delight and wonder of a drive through Europe, or structuring a 1,000-word article on the complexity of China’s manufacturing sector.  

I bring my legal education and career experience into my projects, too. I try to envision not just how the project will go together, but how it will eventually engage and impact the people who experience it. That analysis and forethought, I believe, sets me apart from other artistic types because my projects are intentionally designed to intrigue, educate and inspire all who experience them.

I’m hoping your meander through my website will be enjoyable and that you, too, will find delight, insight and inspiration on its pages.  

For a little insight into my freelance work, click here:

About Me:

To review some my my commercial writing (for clients), click here.   (I can write for you and your organization, too. Email me.)


To read about the things that matter to me, see my blog posts on the environment, health care, and the work I've done to support vulnerable people. I can help you with your concerns, too. Email me.)

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